Business as a force for good

Circus believes that business can and should be a force for good. And we know that this must start with a strong sense of self – a clearly articulated and codified Purpose.

Our role is to help clients clarify and codify why they exist and for whom; and then to consider how to make this Purpose tangible across every encounter, for every stakeholder. In this way, we use Purpose as a business driver – inspiring and informing strategic ambition for customer and colleague alike.

We know that great brands succeed through engagement – the totality of the experiences they create for people and planet. They perform with energy and integrity, encouraging participation through consistency of behaviour and experience. Everything they do feels purposeful and true.

Fluent in many disciplines, we are anchored to none. We are robust in our analysis, creative in our thinking and collaborative in our style. Our work always starts with an analysis of the past, interrogating strategic intent, and the genesis of values and beliefs. Only then can we start to imagine a different future. This calls for commercial insight, and a precise approach to data and analysis. But it also calls for imagination and courage. This is why, with our clients, we seek to create a fertile space where imagination and rigour co-exist and cross-pollinate.

Sometimes our work is described as Purpose, sometimes as Brand Strategy, sometimes as Proposition or Vision and Values.

Whatever the descriptor, the Circus role is to help clients to better articulate the essence of the entity they lead. And to use this wisdom to build deeper engagement for people and planet, and longer-term commercial success.

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