Purpose as parable and proof

We work with clients to achieve a clear sense of purpose and self

We believe that purpose is a business driver.

It should provide guidance for decision making across an organisation. In this way, it must be both Parable – full of meaning and guidance; and Proof – day-to-day evidence of belief and differentiation in action.

At Circus, we think about Purpose through five pillars:

Purpose creates differentiation and desirability – and, over time, sustained commercial success

Purpose is not dull and worthy. It is not cynical or lazy. Completely the opposite.

Purpose should inspire and inform – a parable for practice

Parables are stories but with added power. They emphasise consequences and results. They transcend specificity and convey a higher truth and a lesson for all time.

Purpose directs the entirety of the proposition – made manifest through the totality of experiences and behaviours

Without Purpose, there are no right and wrong ideas. Without Purpose, strategic drift is inevitable. Without Purpose, a business cannot know its own mind, or judge its own actions.

Purpose is systematic and collaborative – implemented and reviewed with rigour and honesty

A Purpose project never ends. It is refreshed, or compromised, by every action that a business takes. It needs constant vigilance, nurturing and respect.

Purpose is the responsibility of ownership and leadership – and existential and important for everyone

Purpose must drive the whole business, for customer and colleague. It must inspire your people and your customers; your shareholders and your professional partners.