Process and portfolio

At Circus we work with strong client teams to analyse the past and imagine a different future.

Whether triggered by new leadership, a changing marketplace or a new offer, all our clients at Circus share a hunger for sustainable commercial success.

For the most part, Circus assignments follow this pattern:


Be it for an organisation, a product proposition, a service or a destination, we work with client teams to articulate a clear sense of self. We synthesise existing intelligence and gather new insight. We look for inspiration in the places that you would expect (your people, sector, customers) and also in the less obvious (literature, art, film, politics, fashion and science). We consult and build consensus. We develop strategy and codify it for all to use.


We use our Brand Engagement® model to explore the impact of agreed strategy on the organisation. The model forces us to consider impact across all four planes of a brand — voice, offer, place and behaviour — and for all participants. Our role is to help clients, partners and colleagues translate strategy into long-term plans and everyday actions.


We inspire and equip teams with knowhow and tools. We create guiding principles, lead workstreams, write briefs and help run pitches. Sometimes we stay involved throughout the journey, sometimes we hand over to client and agency teams.

We believe that Purpose has greater traction when it is co-authored and owned by client teams – where it belongs to the organisation, not an external force. For this reason, we do not typically publish details of our work – it is private to our clients and, as a consequence, more effective. We do publish our reflections and conversations on a broad range of brand topics – these may include a small number of learnings, without breaking confidentiality.

Read our reflections here and watch our conversations with clients and artists here.