Brave, memorable and true

Great brands succeed through engagement – the totality of the experiences they create for their customers, people, partners and the wider world.

At Circus, we never underestimate the challenge of creating and building a great brand. We admire those organisations that seek to draw us into their world.

These brands are confident and clear about their purpose. They know why they exist and for whom. They are happy to polarise. Their reason for being is tangible.  They are opinionated and active.  Yes, they want to be commercially successful, but this is not an end in itself – merely an accelerator of their ambition.

They understand their own culture and know how to bring their personality to life in ways that create deep and lasting engagement. They have a way of behaving that reinforces who they are, adding layers of fresh meaning upon layers of old strength.  They know how to live their story, rather than simply tell it.  They encourage participation; they enlist us in their endeavour.

Well managed brands are single-minded and efficient. They know that their power comes from delivering a consistent, transparent experience across all touch points. Their strategy inspires both colleagues and customers. They think inside-out and outside-in. Every encounter is infused by the same ideology, building memory and – over time – our trust.

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Images – Sofar Sounds and Fortnite