Circus is 25

Circus is 25

Circus is 25.  When we started, there was chatter as to whether we would make it through the first few years. We weren’t sure either.

We wanted to invent a new model – fees for pure strategy: Purpose at the heart of business: orchestration through expert collaboration. All familiar concepts today. But back then quite unusual and rather risky.

Gradually, we got our act together. We clarified our own reason for being – our Practice and Performance. We began to codify what Circus should feel like on a sunny day. A place to explore and to imagine. Over the years, so many rare engagements – we know how lucky we are.

We enjoy working with clients, colleagues and partners who believe that business can and should be a force for good. Our clients are ambitious – they want to make appropriate returns and deliver sustainable growth – of course. But this is just the start. They want to use their energy to make the world happier and more hopeful. To do this, they must be crystal clear as to their intent and endeavour. This is where Circus can help.

Our role is precise and collaborative. We identify, articulate, and codify why the organisation exists, and for whom – Purpose as both Parable and Proposition, for people and planet. Not worthy, not dull – but vital, energetic and charismatic.

Thank you to all our friends.

Authored by Dilys Maltby,  June 7th, 2023