Moving Through Folds: an exploration in paper

Inspired by the elegance and discipline of the performer, Tina’s work celebrates the delicate balance held between movement and tension – simultaneously fluid, considered and full of wonder.

Tina works by hand with recycled paper through a repeated process of careful folding. Her passion to use paper is driven by its accessibility as a medium and an appreciation of the endless possibilities held within it. Through the transformation of this everyday material, Tina invites us to reimagine and question the limits of the objects and products that surround us.

Tina’s work is constructed intuitively – moving through folds, each individual unit flows into the next as they interlock to create a single movement and structure. Like the circus, Tina’s work moves as a dynamic entity – each single component working together to create a spectacular whole that defies expectations and inspires curiosity and awe.

Tina Luo is an origami and paper artist based in London. She received a BArch Degree in Architecture from the Glasgow School of Art in 2016 and has since worked with other paper artists for clients including Innocent Drinks, Google, Starbucks and Prada. Tina has her own bespoke origami jewellery collection and is part of the multidisciplinary art collective, Just Another Collective. Moving Through Folds is Tina’s first solo show.