Through an Eye Brightly

Through an Eye Brightly, a collection of work by Michael Brennand-Wood, explores the illusionary space between two and three dimensions, utilising computerised machine embroidery, acrylic paint, glass, wire and collage.

The pieces of work reference spatial and geometric orientations found in early stitched and woven textiles, predominantly, Central Asian Suzanni Cloths. Textile patterns are a form of visual language, cloth can be thought of as a visual currency, charting cultural interaction. Textiles map the migration of people throughout the world. As items are traded, patterns impact and exert influence upon indigenous culture. What remains are a series of visual clues, fragments of encoded information still accessible hundreds of years later.

Michael Brennand-Wood is renowned for his work combining machine embroidery, fabric, acrylic paint, metal, glass, thread and collage.