Moving Cities: London

Set up by creative director Jevan Chowdhury, Moving Cities is a cross-cultural initiative and ongoing collection of photographs and short films using dance to present 21st Century global cities.

Moving Cities comments on cities as they stand today: the people, the transience and the culture. Through dance and performance, the project aims to strengthen intercultural understanding.

Since 2014 the project has collaborated with 5 national ballets, 106 dance companies, presented at 68 international exhibitions and reached 3 million online.

In the Circus gallery, the exhibition focuses on London – a celebration through photography, film and dance.

Jevan Chowdhury is an award winning filmmaker and founder of Wind & Foster, a design driven creative studio based in London, UK.

Jevan Chowdhury Capture Three

Jevan Chowdhury Capture Two

Jevan Chowdhury Capture One