On High: in Hope

An exhibition of selected works by Rachel Shaw Ashton and Juliet & Jamie Gutch, in collaboration with jaggedart.

Juliet and Jamie Gutch’s mobiles appear to be soaring, flying or falling. The works are ethereal and their contrasting shadows give life to rhythmic choreography on the surrounding walls. Each one is created from different undulating leaves of wood or painted metal. The outlined forms, like calligraphy, falling feathers or musical notes are all in perfect balance, glancing past each other, always intending to, but never touching.

Juliet and Jamie have completed large-scale commissions for BP, John Lewis as well as the Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Northumbria. They have worked together since their marriage ten years ago.

Rachel Shaw Ashton hand cuts figures and forms from spray-painted watercolour paper. Each piece of meticulously cut paper is grouped together to form a three-dimensional figure. Shadows between and behind each form create a dramatic tension yet Rachel’s work has a fluid energy.

“I like to show figures in unusual poses caught in a split second of time: bodies flying or jumping representing freedom of spirit, joy or fearlessness. In contrast, I also like static figures that hopefully convey clarity, calmness, a coming to terms – whatever they invoke in the viewer.”

Rachel studied illustration at Brighton Art School and latterly has concentrated on fine art. She has recently had a solo show at the Gallery in Snape Maltings.

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julietandjamiegutch.com | @julietgutch

rachelshawashton.com | @rachelshawashton

With thanks to jaggedart.

Since 2002, jaggedart has become renowned for its unique and definite style, showcasing beautiful, intricate and sophisticated works of art. The gallery, located on Devonshire Street, promotes up-and-coming artists through a varied programme of exhibitions, including painting, photography, works on paper and three-dimensional pieces.

jaggedart.com | @jaggedartlondon

October 2017 – January 2018